Jeanne Binet & Sofia Seta | Canticles

May 13 & 14, 2022, 7PM
Composing with elements of improvisation and choreography, we explore how we perceive the music and respond to different sounds. Working with the composer Naim on an original track, we translate what we hear from the music to the body, to reveal more of it on a physical level. We focus on creating tension between our two bodies in space, and on developing specific movement languages to express strong images. We create tension by coming into strong moments of unison, and constantly shifting from that place. We invite the audience to a personal and immersive experience, with the potential of sparking memories, emotions, and intimate stories.

Jeanne Binet (FR) is a dancer and choreographer living in Berlin. After studying fine arts in France, she moved to Berlin and studied contemporary dance at Seneca Intensiv and at Etage, which she graduated from as a professional dancer in 2020. She explores choreography and improvisation practices inspired by different dance styles such as Butoh, Hip Hop, and Krump. Learning in an environment that does not separate life from art also feeds her passion for human psychology and social issues. Her choreographic works led her to the A.PART Festival in 2019. Her piece Unveiled Waters (2020) with Ly Nguyen, in collaboration with the composer Naim, was invited to the 9th HofFestSpiele at Theater Expedition Metropolis (Berlin) in 2021. In 2022, she was invited to Seneca Intensiv as a choreographer, and she received the DIS-TANZ-SOLO grant from Dachverband Tanz to create a solo piece, to be presented in Berlin and France in July.
Jeanne Binet participated in the 2020 edition of A.PART Festival. Click here to check out her previous contributions.

Sofia Seta is a dancer, teacher, and choreographer from Buenos Aires (Argentina) and has lived in Berlin since 2018. She has trained in contemporary and urban dance, and has been exploring the combination of both worlds for several years. In Buenos Aires, she worked as a performer with the dance theater company Breaking Tango, directed by Ricardo Arauz. She also danced and choreographed urban dances at the Dance&Move school in Buenos Aires. In Berlin, she has performed her works Migrants and Transition at various festivals (Let me In, Hoffestspiele, PAF) and has collaborated with visual artists and musicians to create interdisciplinary works.
Sofia Seta participated in the 2021 edition of A.PART Festival in dialogue with Camille Jemelen. Click here to check out their previous contributions.

Jeanne Binet & Sofia Seta | A.PART Festival 2022