Clara Dünnebeil | EinBlick

May 13 & 14, 2022, 7PM
In EinBlick, Clara Dünnebeil searches for a space where she feels at home. This neverending exploration is a constant source of inspiration for her. Is it about the location? The people who are around? Or is it, in the end, an inner sensation? After participating in the A.PART Festival in 2020, her views on the topic have developed and changed. In this year’s edition, she will present the reworked version of her solo.

Clara Dünnebeil is a contemporary dancer from Berlin. She completed her training at the balance 1 dance academy in 2021, and is now studying theater studies at FU Berlin. In addition, she works as a freelance dancer, and spends as much time as possible as an audience member in the theater. With her piece EinBlick, she was part of the A.PART Festival 2020, and is now reworking the piece as part of A.PART 2022.
Clara Dünnebeil participated in the 2020 edition of A.PART Festival. Click here to check out her previous contributions.

Clara Dünnebeil | A.PART Festival 2022