Maria Rutanen & Joséphine Auffray | My body’s wild life

May 13 & 14, 2022, 7PM
My body’s wild life unravels the mystery of going wild. Zoomorphic rituals, the embodiment of non-humans, a cinematic mystical fantasy world, and the romanticization of a woman’s relationship with nature are entangled with each other.
In this work, we examine human agency in nature, the attempt to return to the wild state of nature we have tamed, and the human desire to realize wild nature in themselves.
Dreamy, intermediate terrain holds the mystery of the wild place, which is not just about beauty, but also a place of decay, a place of care and destruction, sensuality and brutality, predator and prey. A place of becoming.

Maria Rutanen (FI) is a dance artist, teacher and choreographer, working in Berlin. She holds a master’s degree in choreography from the Inter-University Center for Dance Berlin (HZT). Since 2011, she has been realizing her choreographic work, and works on various collaborative projects, most recently KLIMA, KRISE, KLITORIS (2021), exploring the intersection of art, feminism, and social and environmental issues. Maria often collaborates with musicians in her choreographic work, and works with instant composition. Her approach to dance and choreography is influenced by somatic practices, instant composition and contact improvisation. She has taught dance and movement in Finland, Germany, Denmark, Bolivia, India, and Iran.
Maria Rutanen particpated in the 2020 edition of A.PART Festival. Click here to check out her previous contributions.

Joséphine Auffray is a dancer, performer, and choreographer. Raised in France, Joséphine first studied classical and contemporary dance at the Conservatoire de Nantes (FR). In 2018, she completed a Bachelor of Arts in Contemporary Dance at Trinity Laban in London (UK) with First Class Honours. In 2017, Joséphine participated in an Erasmus exchange at Folkwang University of the Arts in Essen (DE). Today she lives in Berlin as a freelance artist, working on many interdisciplinary projects and is becoming very interested in working with voice, improvisation, clowning, and physical theater. She has worked with Ton und Kirschen Travelling Theatre (DE), Brave New Worlds Company (UK), Colette Sadler (DE), Stella Geppert (DE), Lotte Mueller (DE), Maria Rutanen (DE), Tommy Cattin (CH/UK), Sara Maurizi (UK/IT), among others. She is the founder of the trio KÖRP(Z), is involved in the KLIMA KRISE KLITORIS network, and develops her own work as a solo artist.

Maria Rutanen & Joséphine Auffray | A.PART Festival 2022