Milica Tančić | common thread

May 6 & 7, 2022, 7PM
common thread – a material representation of abstract connections to self and others. Pathways of establishing communication. A web is just a bunch of holes tied together by strings. Those holes, the in-betweens, and non-states, are essentially the fabric of oneself. Eventually, it all comes back to self, and all the connections circle back to their source. An infinite beginning. The spotlight is on the dissonance between desires and reality – reaching out while collapsing inside.
The strings also seem to keep the pieces of self together. There is no rebellion, just a quiet little struggle. Yes, I do tend to suffer due to the tangled nature of self-expression. All I’m trying to do is to make the tangles of the mess softer, the voices of the internal noise clearer. The beauty is in the process.

Milica Tančić is a contemporary dancer, passionate about photography, video art, and creative writing. In her artistic work, she searches for ways to move back and forth between these forms of expression and to connect them. She was born in Serbia and received her dance training at Budapest Contemporary Dance Academy and Berlin Dance Institute. She participated in the 2021 edition of the A.PART Festival, where she explored questions about her relationship to art and the relationship of her art to others, and her own ways of relating. She is currently working on a new piece with her dance collective Thrivia.
Milica Tančić participated in the 2021 edition of A.PART Festival in dialogue with Iris Rosa Gravemaker. Click here to check out their previous contributions.

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