Silja Tuovinen | yellow light, pause

May 6 & 7, 2022, 7PM
yellow light, pause is a dance performance that quotes the season of spring, and the form of an elegy. Through dance, the body crafts a gestural landscape, emptying forms, and frictions. The performance engages with melancholia that is not pathological, but generous and generative. The color yellow as a symbolic backdrop is self-contradictory, as it proposes both delight and alarm.
yellow light, pause is an artistic outcome of working with the question of how modes of production affect the way in which an artwork creates meaning. This has led to the use of what the artist calls rudimentary technologies and methods, as essential tools in bringing forth material, story, and dramaturgy of an artwork. yellow light, pause is the first performance of a triptych that makes up the artistic thesis project of Silja Tuovinen at Stockholm University of the Arts.

Silja Tuovinen is from Oulu, Finland, and graduated from Tanzfabrik Berlin’s Dance Intensive program in 2019. She holds a BA in Peace and Conflict Studies from Malm√∂ University (2018) and a Master of Fine Arts in Choreography from Stockholm University of the Arts (2022). Driven by a patient curiosity toward spaces and moods, she works with the media of dance performance and film. Her choreographic practice is multidisciplinary and contains traces of visual arts and social sciences. She creates her work using what she calls rudimentary technologies and methods.
Silja Tuovinen particpated in the 2020 edition of A.PART Festival. Click here to check out her previous contributions.

Silja Tuovinen | A.PART Festival 2022