A.PART 2021 – Keeping on dancing through times of physical distancing

The A.PART festival celebrates again choreographic and dance positions by alumni and students of the Berlin dance training programmes. Using the theme of “PATCH//WORK” – bringing together what (at first glance) does not fit together – A.PART assembles not pieces but various artistic perspectives. Paired up in teams of two, the invited artists* engage in an artistic, performative and personal dialogue over a process of two months. They do not know each other before, but might collaborate, coexist, disagree, waste time, found a company, stay strangers or become friends.

As many aspects of our work have become sheer impossibilities –– closeness, sweat, breath, physicality, touch, intimacy, contact –– we are setting on the conviction that ‘together is always better than alone’, on solidarity, team spirit, and curiosity. In times of increased uncertainty, we set out on a journey with no expectation of a fixed outcome, convinced that artistic practice has a value in itself.

What more can we ask for than encounters and mutual inspiration?
Come and have a look! Wander around, get lost and get inspired.

The A.PART-Festival Team
Alex, Diethild, Julek and Gabi.