Who would have thought! Following two digital editions of the A.PART Festival, two years of joyful (and pixelated) encounters, an abundance of unexpected experiences, and lots and lots and lots of screen time, you (and we) can finally encounter the A.PART Festival artists, sweating, in action, on ada Studio’s stage during the first two weekends of May 2022.

Like every year, the 2022 A.PART Festival once again brings together diverse perspectives on choreography and dance, by alumni and students from Berlin’s dance education programs. Included this year are alumni and students from Tanzakademie balance 1, ETAGE – Berlin School of Performing Arts, the Berlin Dance Institute, the Inter-University Center of Dance (HZT) Berlin, and Tanzfabrik Berlin’s Dance Intensive program, specifically Silja Tuovinen, Milica Tančić, Tatjana Mahlke, Milena Sundari Nowak, Tabea Antonacci, Marie Elise Hufnagel, Julia Keren Turbahn, Simone Gisela Weber, Clara Dünnebeil, Sofia Seta, Jeanne Binet, Asya Ashman, Maria Rutanen, Joséphine Auffray, Lauren Fitzgerald, and Milla Toppi.

In the spirit of the past two editions, we will focus on continuity, curiosity, solidary support, and fluctuating adaptation. Because this year, the A.PART Festival is presenting choreographic work by young artists, trained in Berlin, who have been with us since 2020 and were unable to present their work live due to the pandemic. In this year’s edition of the A.PART Festival: ONSTAGEPLEASE!, you will be greeted by some old young faces and be surprised to recognize this or that in a new form. Doesn’t that ring a bell? Haven’t I heard that music before? That movement seems so familiar. And yes, that’s true, because if you’ve followed the past two online editions closely, spent some time on the A.PART Festival blog, gotten lost and found yourself again, you actually know the artists of this year’s edition very well already. What was created during this time, in the familiar solitude of one’s living room, is now to be thrust into the public eye, in two explosive evening programs full of lights, colors, and in 3D.

Mark your calendars for the following dates:

PROGRAM 1 – MAY 6 + 7, 2022 @ 7PM
+ yellow light, pause by Silja Tuovinen
+ ich sehe dich by Tabea Antonacci & Marie Hufnagel
+ common thread by Milica Tančić
–– BREAK ––
+ Hypothetic Bodies (Film) by Simone Gisela Weber & Julia Keren Turbahn in collaboration with the filmmaker Svenja Simone Schulte
+ Ist das normal? by Milena Sundari Nowak & Tatjana Mahlke
Following the program on May 6 there will be a PUBLIC TALK WITH

PROGRAM 2 – May 13 + 14, 2022 @ 7PM
+ My body’s wild life by Maria Rutanen & Joséphine Auffray
+ EASY by Milla Toppi & Lauren Fitzgerald
+ EinBlick by Clara Dünnebeil
–– BREAK ––
+ Krepost by Asya Ashman & Konstantin Koryagin
+ Canticles by Jeanne Binet & Sofia Seta
Following the program on May 13 there will be a PUBLIC TALK WITH

In joyful anticipation,
your curatorial team,
Julek Kreutzer & Diethild Meier
and Gabi Beier, artistic director and managing director of ada Studio Berlin