Porous bodies hosting lion

written by Mikkel Mallow

How is the lion body available to me?

I feel its potentiality within me. The slight awareness of its power – its power to manifest and become my whole being. Where does it reside in me? 

A mild growl is vibrating through my bones. Is it with me as I am sitting with a coffee in the sun? Or as I am doing the dishes? Like a ghost that has home in me. Hosting a lion in my body. 

My skin, a porous border that carries various beings and becomings in it. It’s soft hair, changing, becoming thicker, warmer. I never know how it shows itself, what it awakens from. Sinking heavy and strong. 

Sounds arrive and depart, increase and vanish… demanding my attention, though no longer activating any names or identifications in me. The sounds no longer belong to the car or the wind in a bush. It moves through space, reaches towards and through me. As movement, coming together in various combinations, always changing forms, directions and patterns in ungraspable systems. Sounds tell new stories in this body. Rich stories, that layers movement. I am breathing heavily. Taking in – aware of every little change – with calmness, anticipating the world.   


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